About us

Our philosophy

Our motto is "from vine to bottle, a family tradition". In fact, our company can boast that we only use grapes of our own production, thus being able to follow the birth of the wines from the cultivation of the vine; This painstaking attention to every step, combined with a deep love and passion for our land, leading to that wonderful product that is Valpolicella in all its types... Choices that do not follow the logic of the market but are like an artist's signature on his work.

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Who we are

Our history

Our ties to vines, originates from the parents of our maternal grandmother, Angela and Gaetano Chesini *, who lived in a small hamlet of Fumane (Manune) and had cultivated vines for generations, for the production of wine for the family, in poor soil and harsh conditions, it was known under the name "Sengia Rossa".

In 1924, with the savings of the many sacrifices made by working in Germany, they bought the land in Valpolicella, with a small house, dilapidated from the floor to the ground. With their own hands then they built a better house and planted fruit trees and vines for the production of grapes and wine.

Our maternal grandfather Rossino Campostrini **, after a lifetime of work in America, bought land in his native country, more than 900 meters above sea level in the Lessini mountains, hills higher than Valpolicella. He used to buy grapes in Fumane, then press and vinify them in the mountains, in a cellar dug into the bare rock face, thus obtaining, through fermentation that naturally occurred at very low temperatures, great value wines for family consumption.

We rediscovered the connection with vines with our father Luigi ***, who arrived in Valpolicella from Lessinia (the mountain area from 800 to 1500 meters) in aproximately 1960.
He bought land and vineyards in Sant'Ambrogio, one of the historic villages of Valpolicella in the Gargagnago quarter, later named by the Parish as "Amarone village". He married Joan in 1967 and from this union were born four children, Giuseppe in 1969, Paola in 1971, Davide in 1972 and Simone in 1975.
Giuseppe, Davide and Simone helpedtheir father in the countryside from their teenage years and after their agricultural studies were complete in 1995, they took over the company.
The company was formed by 6,5 ha of vineyard, its main activity was the production and sale of high-quality wine grapes.

Thanks to new knowledge in agriculture, brought by their education and the constant passion for the land handed down from their father, they decided to produce the first Amarone for sale to the public in 2003. Right from the start, the production of Amarone and Ripasso wine, has had great success, the result of the hard work by the family that devotes full attention in the complete and total management of the company, in particular:

• the cultivation their vineyard,
• collecting grapes only by hand,
• the painstaking process of wine making and, finally,
• the sale of wine in the world with the family name "Benedetti" (which translates as Blessed)

Today the company consists of 14 hectares of vineyards in the Valpolicella area and the wine are exported to over 15 countries worldwide. Luigi, still keeps a proud and watchful eye on the work and choices of his children, always providing for the company his old countryside experience.